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Why a WildBox?

The superstructure is made entirely of polyester sandwich panels, fully glued by means of aesthetic edge profiles. No wood has been used in the construction, so there is no risk of water damage. An additional advantage is that the polyester plates are very robust, including hail resistant. Comfort has also been thought of, including a compressor refrigerator that ensures sufficient cooling under all circumstances, and a bed of 160x210cm on an adjustable slatted base. The WildBox is developed and built in the Netherlands, a real quality product. Only the best parts are used, including a KNOTT chassis, Victron electronics and Dometic parts.

How much does the WildBox cost?

To receive a full, detailed price list, including all models and all accessory options, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this website or contact us directly by email.

Does the WildBox fit in a garage?

Due to its compact dimensions, the WildBox fits in almost every garage.

Which driver's license do I need?

This depends on the version in which you configure the WildBox. You can opt for a 750 kg variant (O1) for which no special driver's license is required. In the case of the 1300 kg variant (O2), it depends on the weight of your towing vehicle, your combination with a B driving license may not exceed 3500 kg (empty weight + load capacity).

Can I tow the WildBox with an electric car?

Yes, that is certainly possible, due to its low weight and small dimensions, the driving range will be affected as little as possible.

Do I need caravan mirrors?

Due to its small construction width, you can keep an eye on the traffic behind without having to use extra mirrors.

How is the WildBox sprung?

The chassis is standard equipped with a torsion sprung axle. Optionally, a spiral sprung axle can be mounted to increase off-road capabilities.

What is the warranty period?

Each WildBox comes with a 2 year warranty.

How is the 12V supply?

The WildBox is standard equipped with a 12V converter, as soon as you are connected to the mains, 12V is available. The optional solar panels ensure that the battery is always charged, the refrigerator can continue to cool. Sufficient USB charging points are available both in the interior and in the kitchen.

Is there 230V available?

All versions are equipped with 230V sockets as standard. As soon as the WildBox is connected to the mains, 230V is available. Optionally, a 12V-230V pure-sine inverter can be added to have power independent of the 230V mains.

How is the water supply arranged?

The WildBox is standard equipped with a 10L clean and 10L dirty water tank, which are placed inside so that they can also be used in winter.

Can I camp at low temperatures?

Via the (optional) heating with digital thermostat, which works on both 230V electricity and gas, the interior quickly becomes pleasantly warm. It is pleasantly warm even at -20 degrees Celsius.

How spacious is the interior?

The bed with a width of 160 cm and a length of 210 cm offers a lot of space and the "box" shape also makes the interior feel very spacious. If you want to sit in the WildBox during the day, you can sit upright against the backrest. You can then use the folding table in the door to set up a laptop, for example, or to dine.

How is the bed constructed?

The 14cm thick mattress rests on two separate slatted bases. The bottoms are individually adjustable, so you can adjust the hardness to your own liking.

Where do I leave my shoes at night?

Many possibilities, for example in a closed box in the storage space behind the pillows, or in a storage box outside.

Where do I leave my coat?

The interior is equipped with clothes hooks as standard, but you can also use the towing vehicle, for example.

What is the difference with a 'teardrop' mini caravan?

The WildBox is a so-called 'squaredrop' mini caravan. The rectangular shape offers more effective space with the interior feeling more spacious as the roofline is not sloping.

What toilet options are there?

If you do not have a toilet nearby, you can take a separate camping toilet with you, which you can use behind a privacy tent, for example.

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